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I understand that you will be coming to see me because you want to sort something out in your life. You might also be hesitant or inquisitive about your sessions. We get to work as a team to eradicate your anxieties or stuff that’s been holding you back. Because, you know how anxiety, low confidence and low self esteem, fear etc can get in the way of your daily life – work or home.

Imagine the outcome – you achieving or focusing in on what is relevant to you.  Maybe you can remember a time when you felt less emotional around the issues that are causing you problems.  Yes remember a time, just for a minute, about how you felt confident and at ease with yourself, where you thought differently or did things you don’t do now.  As you remember that, its important because I want to encourage you to be back in that place. That place of confidence, high self esteem, of joy or not worrying.

Let me know what it is that you want to resolve and move forward – simply drop me a message.

Why do you want to sort your troubles soon?   Probably because you have poor sleep, you have fears and anxieties in your life.  Maybe there are relationship issues either at work or home.

Each session is approx 60-70 mins.  The great thing is that you’ll know how many you want.  No block bookings because you may well have sorted your ‘stuff’ before session 4.

I work in Rushwick, Worcestershire.   We can explore what you’d like to gain from hypnosis.  We discuss your current situation, options and a way forward. You can take away a complimentary CD or MP3 download relaxation track to listen to at night or during the day when you take some time out of your schedule.  Maybe in a lunch break…..?   This helps to maximise your treatment.

Why wait?  Let’s get your show on the road.

A session generally entails the following:

  • I’ll ask questions such as – what are your best hopes from coming to see me?, Check in with your preferred future and what that’d look like, look for times when the problem isn’t happening, how you’ve managed to cope before and how you stopped things getting worse.  We can look at the skills, resources and strengths you have.  Maybe this teaches us something good about ourselves.  Those questions and more are always asked because they help you make sense of your current reality.
  • I use calming language patterns, visual imagery or talk therapy. This is a bit like a story that is designed around something that you find calming such as a beach, the sea, the wind in your hair, a walk on a hill etc.
  • I help you access those little bits of ‘stuckness’ in your subconscious mind that hold you back allowing you to bring about small therapeutic changes you desire.
  • Focus on the here and now, look at your current situation and how you would like your preferred future to look.
  • Relaxation is a by product of hypnosis – an everyday normal experience – remember the drive to work?  Remember juggling 2 or 3 things at once? This is something that we don’t always remember doing but we still arrived safely at our destination.    We all trance many times daily.  It allows us to deal with all that life throws at us.
  • It’s where the conscious mind goes off elsewhere and subconscious ‘auto pilot’ takes over.  Hypnotherapy helps relax the subconscious fight flight part of the mind.

The result is:

  • That you can understand how your brain works and why it works as it does.
  • You can give yourself permission to make your choice about the life you see yourself leading.
  • The skills you learn will empower you, raise your confidence and show you what works for you.
  • You may even start to really appreciate yourself!


  • Will I be clucking like a chicken?  Absolutely not, this is not a TV show! Stage hypnosis is for entertainment purposes only and is quite different to clinic hypnotherapy.
  • Will I lose control?  Absolutely not.  You are in control and decide how deep you want to go.  I’m a guide on your journey.  You make the changes
  • How long does it take to feel the benefits?  Almost immediately, most of my clients find that between four and six sessions are enough.
  • How much does it cost Initial consultation is FREE with the option to try a 10 min relaxation £25.  Follow up sessions £55. We can negotiate if needs be.  My aim is to help you move forward!
  • Am I aware of what is going on?
    Yes, we are going into the sub-conscious but you are always aware of your surroundings. You have control.
  • How will it make me feel?  You will feel a sense of calm so that you can learn to take the pressure off yourself and enjoy your life in the way that you want to.
  • Where will the sessions take place?
    Located in Rushwick, Worcestershire I have a private clinic in my house with parking on the drive.

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