It's a slog to the top then easy going down
Hard road up. Easy road down.

Rather than trying to fix your problems this BRIEF approach works by exploring, in detail, your preferred future. I explore your best hopes from our meeting together. Whilst I don’t actually need to know anything about problems you have, I always take time to find out a bit about you. I listen to all the detail you give me.

BRIEF is a journey

I liken BRIEF to a road or journey. You start at the beginning with me asking you for your best hopes or desired outcomes, preferred futures, call it what you will. We then start to pick up all the good stuff like your resources, abilities and coping strategies that you already use (but we often forget to recognise). We’ll look at how you’ve applied those resources to your daily life and what difference that makes, I will pick out the details and work with them for you to find your end journey.

In essence this BRIEF approach:

  • Looks for resources rather than deficits or negatives – no need to dwell on negatives
  • Explores possible and preferred futures and
  • Explores what is already contributing to your future
  • You do not go into hypnosis – this is a talk therapy.

What happens in a BRIEF session?

I assume that you want to get down to business and most of us have the necessary resources or abilities to handle life and its difficulties – we just get a bit lost in our thoughts about a situation which, if we step back and look again, is out of proportion. Sometimes life feels like a hard upward road. It doesn’t have too. Take the easy route.

It’s always good to know what’s going well for you. I’m so interested in what you want to get out of our time together. You may come with a ‘problem’ but that doesn’t define you as a person.

There is no judgment here. I work with your best hopes, your preferred future. Lets look at the times that have been good. We’ve all got them hiding somewhere. What already tells you that you are in the process of making the changes you want? What was happening at a time when there wasn’t a problem? It’s amazing how we manage to cope in tough situations. Tell me about yours. I like to hear what further progress may look like for you. What difference that would make to you and so much more.

I ask you on a scale of 0-10 (10 being ‘Yes I’m on my way up’ to 0 being the opposite) Surprise yourself with how you are already actively starting to change. It’s not me who makes the change – it’s you!

Subsequent sessions include finding out what’s been better or working for you already – you may have been so tied up in ‘stuff’ that you didn’t recognise your ‘better’ things. I always look for ‘evidence’ of change.

You run this show, I help you.


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