Are you getting too stressed?

Using hypnotherapy for stress is very effective, it creates a state of deep relaxation. Stress symptoms occur when you are receiving a stress response where it is not necessary. This response creates physical symptoms that you are experiencing in the body.

In my clinic in Rushwick, Worcestershire I provide a calm and stress-free environment where you can come to relax and relieve the pressure you are experiencing. You do not need to suffer in silence, it is something that can be overcome if you are willing to put in the effort and change your story.

What will happen in a stress-reducing session?

We will address the underlying emotions that are feeding the stress. We talk about the most recent trigger for your stress reaction and how you felt. Using the subconscious mind we then go deeper into where this reaction might have stemmed from, we are looking for the root cause. If we can find the initial trigger then through the subconscious mind change the way you react to that situation, we can often change your future reactions in your adult life.

What causes stress?

Stress can be triggered by a number of ways such as financial pressure, work, juggling home life, not enough time for ourselves or relationship struggles. It is a natural part of our day-to-day living and a small amount of stress can actually be beneficial to us. However, a large amount of stress that starts to disrupt the way we sleep and function can inhibit our lives.

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