Are you too wired to sleep? Photo of a mass of electricity wires by Henry & Co. on Unsplash
Are you too wired to sleep?

Are you losing sleep?

You know the feeling of worrying about something, a niggle you can’t get rid of. You need your sleep to empty your ‘daily rubbish’.

I can show you how the mind and messes up your sleep. More importantly, how you can work with me to deal with it. I want you to wake up feeling refreshed rather than a growly bear with a sore head.

Sometimes these feelings occur when you go to bed at night and wake you up half way through your night. I see people who have broken sleep due to worries and anxieties, people who simply feel exhausted. I have experienced it myself so understand how it drains you.

Anxiety can result from health worries, financial events, relationships, self image, confidence and more. It can be felt in different ways. Our minds are programmed from experiences in life that always keep your mind alert. You end up feeling over cautious, over anxious, always watching out for possibilities that may trip you up. Your ‘primitive’ mind causes this – think flight or fright, like a cat with its hackles raised – poised ready to pounce. Yet we can do something about this.

When you sleep you don’t need to be alert. Become the calm, gently sleeping person you want to be.

Using hypnotherapy techniques, hypnoreflexology, hypnorelease (bit like head massage) or reflexology that you can sleep more easily, wake with more energy and generally feel happier and more focused in your life.

Where does hypnotherapy fit in?

It can help to relax your mind (and body – think of aches and pains).  When you relax it sends a sign to your ‘primitive’ part of your mind that actually, life is safe.  Gradually, this becomes a learnt behaviour and the feelings of anxiety become less as you manage your thoughts and your life more easily – you are back in control.

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Cat sleeping peacefully - you can sleep too! Mel Harris Hypnotherapy

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