Find your ‘happy’ with hypnotherapy

Happiness? What exactly is it? I think we all know there’s not a ‘one size fits all’. Clients come to sort their ‘happy’ out, to restore it or to find it for the first time. Some don’t expect it but … Read More

Time passes quickly

Where has January already gone? Apart from New Year in France with family it’s been happily hectic with work until 14th when I started with a vile cold and it’s still lingering today 21st.  Never mind, it’s a beautiful sunny … Read More

Wake Up Call!

Waking Up   – How many alarm clocks do I need? Sleep well Super quick blog  …………….. Super quick TIP So here’s the thing – If you go to bed and have a power down period beforehand – maybe 30 mins to … Read More

To sleep or not to sleep – your choice

Zzzzzzzz  Do you ‘sleep’ and wake like a lark or feel like a flat battery? Anxiety and poor sleep are not good bed partners.  They both fight. Understanding a bit about how your mind works when it comes to your … Read More