I find solutions to everyday problems, I had too! I did it the hard way. You can do it the easier way.

I worked in the fitness industry for many years helping clients who were referred by their GP for health and wellbeing. A life event happened and I was thrown onto a different pathway. Life does that sometimes.

I decided to train as a massage and reflexology practitioner and since 2001 I’ve been immersed and fascinated how our minds and bodies work.

I ‘crashed and burnt’, fell off the hamster wheel, however you like to metaphorise it! It hurt. I was trying to please too many people and giving no love to myself. Bad move but you know how it is? Hamster wheel keeps going ever faster……..

Through hypnotherapy I learnt so much about myself, I healed and saw the bigger picture. No longer worried about ‘stuff’. After all, it was only me making a judgement on whether ‘my bum looked big in this’. When you realise that when you make your fearful, anxious, self doubting thoughts, like tick follows tock, your energy follows your thoughts and they become your emotional reality.

I decided to STOP and boy what a revelation to know that I was still alive and breathing yet able to ‘smell the roses’! Oh yes, when you allow your mind to relax, your body relaxes with it and the foggy, chaotic mind quietly calms to an oasis of space and time. I could say so much more but just try some sessions with me and see for yourself.

Quietly Calmly
Peace and Calm