I inspire you to take small steps to feel less tired, less achy, less discomfort or pain and less overly emotional. You can step back and see for yourself.

Humans are so curious yet, sometimes stress, fear or overwhelm blocks us from moving forward. It can keep those aches pain wrapped round your shoulders, arms, back, hips and more. It can be physical and emotional.

Choose from or combine massage, reflexology, myofascial release (similar to massage) talk therapy and Reiki energy healing

I’ve been a massage and reflexology practitioner since 2001. I’ve been immersed and fascinated how our minds and bodies work.

Over the years I’ve developed a great toolkit to help you

I ‘crashed and burnt’, fell off the hamster wheel, however you like to metaphorise it! It hurt. I was trying to please too many people and giving no love to myself. Bad move but you know how it is? Hamster wheel keeps going ever faster……..

I learnt so much about myself, I healed and saw the bigger picture. No longer worried about ‘stuff’. After all, it was only me making a judgement on whether ‘my bum looked big in this’.

Guess what? Our fearful, anxious, self doubts and pains saps your energy. Your energy follows your thoughts and they become your emotional reality.

I decided to STOP and boy what a revelation to know that I was still alive and breathing yet able to ‘smell the roses’!

Oh yes. when you allow your body and mind to relax, the foggy, chaotic or painful feelings quietly calm. I could say so much more but just try some sessions with me and see for yourself.

Quietly Calmly
Peace and Calm