What’s stopping you living the life you want?  I help you change your story and change your life.  Do you have expectations that may not actually match where you are right now……?   It’s ok to change your attitude.  I did and it allowed me to see opportunities in my life more clearly.

Try hypnotherapy, solution focused BRIEF therapy, reflexology or hypnoreflexology to learn to be more in charge of your life, relax and find joy!


Who I am

Hi I’m Mel (MFHT, CNHC, NCH. BRIEF).  I help clients 

  • Recharge,
  • Rebalance
  • Put your thoughts in perspective,
  • Increase your motivation and energy levels
  • Find some calm in daily life – giving you tools that work
  • Know you can make a choice in your life and say NO when you want too
  • Establish boundaries at work or home
  • Sleep better
  • Feel more happy, content, confident and focused
  • Rewire your brain to be a map for your future
  • Be ok with flying or spiders or whatever else freaks you out

Using gentle hypnotherapy techniques designed to help you to calm your mind, relax and change your relationship with your worries that you can control. 

As a qualified hypnotherapist and complementary therapist, I have a deep understanding of the human body and mind and the connections between past experiences to everyday issues. 

I am a solution focused BRIEF therapist too.  This does not involve hypnosis/trance.  It is a talk therapy that looks for changes you make for you your best hopes in the future.  It equips you to notice good stuff and I don’t need to know about your problems.  I listen to all your details and want to know what would be different in your life if various aspects changed……..

So if you want to change how you view your life……

Hit the contact button for an informal chat.   Based in Rushwick, Worcestershire, I work from my clinic in my house.  Easy parking right outside.

How I work

My personality and sense of humour drives my passion to help people with anxiety to find a sense of inner calm so that they too can find or re-connect with their real personality and not hide it away.  Clients feel leaving happier, more in control, calmer, less bothered about life.  How good is that?

You can change your memories or story whenever you want. I do not need to know about your past but I’m a good listener.  You can move forward with a new story, new memory and new ways of coping with your life.

I crashed and burnt a few years ago so I can tell you, from experience, that hypnotherapy is easy, very relaxing and it really empowered me to view my life differently.  I’m a different Mel now.  I’m no longer pulled around by my inner critic/subconscious mind.  It knows its place.  I live the life I want too.  You can too.

When you’re in that anxious, chaotic state, just bumbling from day to day and not knowing how – that’s hard.  I was sceptical at first about hypnotherapy but once I saw how I took control of what I chose to do with my life, I’ve just powered my passion into helping anxious people regain control of their emotions and life.  I can only say it worked for me!!!   Let it work for you too. 😊

Mustn’t forget the boring but ever so important stuff …

  • Complimentary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)
  • Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training, accredited by Association for Solution-Focused Hypnotherapy,
  • National Council for Hypnotherapy (NCH)
  • Federation of Holistic Therapies member (MFHT)

I also have appropriate insurances and I am CRB checked.

I work with secondary school aged clients and adults.

To change your story, get in touch today to book a consultation.

To take the next step please call me on 07801 371246 or contact me.

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