You've come to the right place to sort your aches and pains and emotional strains

Are you ready to take some small steps to:
  • Reduce blood pressure?
  • Calm the racing mind and sleep better?
  • Drop the anxiety levels?
  • Get out of your emotional rut?
  • Be clear and focused on your day instead of being in a ‘brain fog’?
  • Reduce your pain and tension?
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You can unwind, unfold, reset and change the way you think about stress, tension, pain, habits and beliefs that hold you back, make you tired and stop you from sleeping well.


Imagine what life would be like with less stress, pain or high expectations?
I have 20 years experience in this ‘industry’ and developed a great toolkit to help you.


Only you can chose to think differently about your life!


As an holistic practitioner I offer

Talk Therapy, Massage. Reiki energy healing  Reflexology,

Gentle ways to clear your mind and reduce your pain. You don’t have to drag up past events unless you want too.  I’m here to listen and help.

From my clinic in the village of Rushwick, Worcestershire I have helped many people to change their attitude to how they are feeling, helping them remove that burden of pain, stress and anxiety they have been carrying for far too long.  Let’s get rid of it.

You do not have to keep going on this hamster wheel.

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What small changes would you like to make to improve your life?

Go for it now – the future is promised to no oneDr Wayne Dwyer

To find out more about the benefits of these calming therapies…

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Mel Harris, Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Rushwick Worcestershire

Melanie Harris


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Feather falling gently, calmly, quietly, peacefully.

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