What holds you back in your life?  Are you stuck in a routine and say ‘I feel fine’ when you’re actually not?

If you are then there is a solution……….  Hypnotherapy and BRIEF talk therapy are gentle ways to find your solution. You don’t have to drag up past events unless you want too.  I’m here to listen and help.

“My mission is to help you to feel amazing, confident, positive, relaxed and on top of the world so all that stress you’ve held on to melts.  You can move forward and cope with whatever life throws at you”. Try it.  It worked for me.

From my clinic in the village of Rushwick, Worcestershire I have helped many people to change their attitude to how they are feeling, helping them remove that burden of anxiety they have been carrying for far too long. So tiring and cumbersome.  Let’s get rid of it.

You do not have to keep going on this hamster wheel.

What small changes would you like to make to improve your life?

Go for it now – the future is promised to no oneDr Wayne Dwyer

Mel Harris, Hypnotherapy for Anxiety, Rushwick Worcestershire

Melanie Harris


Hypnotherapy, Solution Focused BRIEF Therapy, Reflexology and Hypnoreflexology for anxiety, stress, depression, worries and fear, poor sleep, confidence and self esteem issues, smoking, phobias and much more. 
Rushwick, Worcestershire

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Feather falling gently, calmly, quietly, peacefully.

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